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We are a community of women whose main purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive, fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church. In support of these goals, we provide monthly programs, special mission studies, retreats, and other spiritual enrichment opportunities.

We seek to strengthen fellowship ties through smaller circles within our group as well as expanding fellowship ties to our larger community through District and Conference UMW or mission events.

Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and to to participate in the global mission of the Church through United Methodist Women.

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UMW 2018 Calendar of Events UMW Quote


January 2  General Meeting – 7:00 pm* – Room 10, “Act in Faith” presented by Hallie Romanoski
Devotions: Debbie Moyer
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Rev. Molly Dee Rounsley
Hostesses: Circle 1

January 23  Executive Board Meeting – 6:30PM – Church Chapel
Devotions: Allison Horne

*Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:50 pm


February 6 General Meeting  – 7:00 pm* – Room 10, “Hands Only CPR” presented by Sue Oliver
Devotions: Debbie Moyer
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Karen Herr
Hostesses: Circle 2

February 10 SE District UMW Social Action Event “Gun Violence” – Location TBD

February 11 & 25 Homemade Soup Sales (Make soup February 8,9,10,23 and 24)

February 12 Reading Program – 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Monday) Church Chapel

*Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:50 pm


March 3 (Saturday) West Chester UMW Retreat– 8:30 am – 12 noon – Fiesta Center – “Time Away to Renew Your Relationship with God, Your True Self, and Others” led by Sara Davis Shappell – Get Details and Register Online Here
Hostesses: Executive Board

March 3 & 4 16th Annual “Girls on the Go” UMW- Sponsored Teen Retreat (ages 13-18) at Gretna Glen Camp

March 11 (Sunday) Executive Board Luncheon Meeting – 12 noon to 2 pm – Church Chapel
Devotions: Carolyn Cartwright

March 25 Old Fashioned Bake Sale (Palm Sunday)


April 1 Easter

April 3 General Meeting – 7:00 pm*- Room 10 – “Manna Worldwide” presented by Keri Kondracki
Devotions: Martina Keogan
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Eileen Hogan
Hostesses: Circle 5

April 21 Southeast District UMW Spring Ingathering – Location TBD

*Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:50 pm.


May 1 WOMEN’S CELEBRATION DINNER – 6:30 pm, Church Fiesta Center
Program: “Gracenotes”an all-female a capella group from West Chester University
Devotions: Rev. Molly Dee Rounsley
Hostesses: Executive Board

May 14 Reading Program – 2:00-3:30 pm (Monday), Church Chapel

May 18-20 UMW National Assembly – Columbus, OH

No Executive Board Meeting for May.


No General Meetings in June, July or August

No Executive Board Meeting for June.


July 20-21 Mission U – Location TBD

July 24 Executive Board Meeting 6:30 pm, Church Chapel
Devotions: Marilyn Light


August 13 Reading Program – 2:00-3:30 pm, Church Chapel

No Executive Board Meeting for August.


September 4 General Meeting/Salad Supper/Bring a Friend/Guest Night– 6:30 pm, Fiesta Center
Program: “Eating Healthy for Life” presented by Jeanie Subach
Devotions: Sue Oliver
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Sarah Cass
Hostesses: Circle 5

September 12 District Day Apart – 9:30 am-2:00 pm, Day Retreat at Camp Innabah in Spring City, PA

September 25 Executive Board Meeting – 6:30 pm, Church Chapel
Devotions: Kelly Lynn


October 2 General Meeting– 7:00 pm, Room 10
Program: “Volunteer English Program” presented by Susan DiGregorio
Devotions: Marilyn Light
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Evelyn Allen
Hostesses: Circle 1

October 20 Fall Dinner/Bazaar – Church Fiesta Center and Gathering Area

October 20 Eastern PA Conference UMW 45th Annual Meeting, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Location TBD

October 30 Executive Board Meeting – 6:30pm, Church Chapel
Devotions: Margie Gettings


November 6 General Meeting– 7:00 pm, Room 10
Program: “Philly Project” presented by Gerri Specht
Devotions: Karen Herr
Prayer Calendar: Margie Gettings
Response Minute: Allison Horne
Offering: Prayer and Self Denial
Hostesses: Circle 2

November 10 Southeast District Annual Celebration – Time and Location TBD

November 12 Reading Program – 2:00 pm (Monday) Church Chapel

November 18 Holiday Bake Sale

No Executive Board Meeting for November.


No General Meeting in December

No Executive Board Meeting in December

Have a Merry Christmas! 


If you want more information about the UMW Programs/locations, etc., contact Marilyn Light (610-696-6885) – mrdunclight@aol.com

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United Methodist Women (UMW) Circle Meetings

If you’re looking for a close fellowship group of like-minded Christian women, we welcome new members to any of the UMW Circles. Monthly meetings are held at various times and places and include programs of the Circle’s choosing. Call one of the Circle Leaders below or, if none of the times listed fit your schedule, contact Marilyn LIght, 610-696-6885 and let’s talk about starting another circle group.

Circle 1: 3rd Tuesdays, 7:00 PM (Leader: Marilyn Light – 610-696-6885 and Margie Gettings – 610-696-3076)

Circle 2: 3rd Tuesdays, 9:30 AM (Leader: Carolyn Cartright – 610-692-2365 and Barbara Leone – 610-429-4520)

Circle 3: 3rd Mondays, 1:00 PM (Leader – Lillian Kent – 610-696-8146)

Circle 4: 3rd Wednesdays, 6:45 PM (Leaders – Kelly Lynn – 610-793-9799 and Martina Keogan – 610-430-8108)

Circle 5: 3rd Mondays, 7:00 PM (Leader – Allison Horne – 610-429-3202 and Debbie Moyer – 610-925-5177)
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Projects supported


Missionaries in Africa
UMW Pledge to MissionUMW Table Ministry Fair
UMW Special Gifts to Mission
World Thank Offering

Regional/Community (includes over 20 different organizations):

Domestic Violence Center
Good Works Program

Local Church:

Building Fund
Children’s Center
Discretionary Fund
Youth Fellowship Programs
Food Cupboard

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Sue Oliver