Upper Room Sunday School Class

Adult 4UMs

Studies the Bible, Experience, Reason, and Tradition               

Typical Sunday Session

There are no typical classes.  We are a larger group of about 10-40 people.  We meet in the chapel at 10:30am, except for special occasions.  The format of the presentation varies from Lecture to Book Reviews to Videos to Games/Simulations to Script-in-Hand Play-Readings to Bible Study.  The topics are religion, history, social responsibility and current topics. Whatever the format, the presentation is always a basis for discussion and sharing of ideas and thoughts.


Guest speakers from academia and there are many members of the class that have We tend to have a major theme for the year, but we also participate in the church wide Small Group emphases, on a topic by topic basis.  This fall we will be participating in an indepth review of  The Great Emergence.  The theme for the Summer-Fall has been The Great Emergence, what it is and how it plays into our lives, where we are going as Christians.  We have had recorded video lectures on the relationship of Science and Religion.  There was a study in the earlier on Forgiveness

We have frequently invited pastors and former pastors to lead the class for a Sunday.  We have made presentations, led discussions or participated in the Play-Readings.  The class tries to maintain a balance between topics of a religious nature and those that are more social and secular in nature.

There are plans to study new topics.  There will be some looking at the Scriptures with “new eyes”.  And we will certainly look at some social issues concerning us.


One of the outcomes of our Sunday school lessons was a workshop called Millennial Strategies, dealing with generational issues, with invited speaker and author Neil Howe.  We occasionally have fundraisers, like book sales, or square dancing in support of missions.

We occasionally visit historic churches in the area.


We support a variety of activities, including providing gifts to families at Christmas, and supporting the Salvation Army, giving funds to various missions.

The Adult 4UMs participates in the Good Works Program.  Several of our members have provided both administrative and physical help via the Good Neighbors extension of Good Works and the Church’s Dinner Discussion Groups


We have a number of socials throughout the year, including

  • A Christmas Party
  • A Valentines Day Party
  • A Summer Picnic
  • Class Breakfasts


The Adult 4UMs has a President, Social Chairs, Treasurer, Program Committee, and Sunshine Person.  We generally spend a few minutes on announcements each week.


We invite all age groups.  We support all the classes in a joined class when any of the groups has a speaker or topic of common interest.  Our series on “Generations” was especially indicative of our desire to include all people who are finding their way on the spiritual journey toward being more like Jesus.