Salvation Army Dinner Teams

The United Methodist Church of West Chester has a very active feeding ministry.  We provide dinners at the Salvation Army the first and fifth Saturday of each month and for the women of Safe Harbor the second Sunday of each month.

Teams consist of 12-14 participants for Salvation Army dinners and 8 or more participants for Safe Harbor meals.  A captain, who creates the menu and communicates with the team, is assigned to each dinner.  In addition to the scheduled teams, Circles 1 and 5, the Mustard Seed Class and the Seekers provide meals.

The schedule is set up over the summer months, and we are looking for additional help.  Serving on a team is a one year commitment, and most have been serving for many years, but there are always a few who choose to retire or take a break for a year.

The ministry is a great way to get to know members of our Church Family and to support members of our local community who need our help.   Matthew 25: 37-39 reminds us that feeding the hungry is accounted as feeding Christ himself.

If you are interested in participating in this ministry, contact Karen Herr at 610-692-7459 or at







Photo Credit:

Matt Collamer