Organ Fund

Our organ is in need of repair.

Quotes for repairing the organ range from $300,000 to $450,000. This is an extremely generous offer by our donor family, as they are willing to donate up to one-half of this cost. If we all dig deep and offer a significant one-time gift to the organ fund, we have the possibility of paying off the project before the first pipe is removed!

Please consider making a gift to our organ fund. If we all give sacrificially we will be blessed with all that we need. Check with your financial advisor to see if a tax-advantaged gift from your stock or bond portfolio is right for you.

All gifts, great or small, will help rebuild our church organ. 

Why Do We Need a New Organ?

Description of the new organ in 1919. Click for a pdf of the full Inaugural Organ Recital worship folder.

Our Sanctuary organ has not worked to its full capacity in years.

There are parts that cannot be tuned, parts that cannot be coupled, and parts of it that simply do not play. Our organ is old. It was originally build in 1919, rebuild in 1963, and expanded in 1967.

The console is well past its due date for replacement and every bid we have received is based on replacing the console with a digital console that has all the latest and best technology.

If we go with a hybrid organ, a mix of digitally sampled sounds and many of our cleaned and re-voiced pipes, (as our organ team seems to be leaning towards) our instrument will preserve its pipe organ heritage and yet modernize and expand the instrument’s tonal resources. There will be a midi recording device to the console, so that our organists will be able to record themselves on the organ and go to the piano to play duets. There will be low pipe sounds produced electronically that will rumble our pews. There will be harpsichord and guitar and so many other well reproduced sounds that will add to our music ministry options.

If you have questions about the organ rebuild, talk to Mike Muzzo or Steve Campitelli to get all the details.